National Letter Writing Month

Is letter writing a dying art? I hope not. But I do know that putting pen to paper has taken a back seat to texts, insta posts and calls. The origins of letter writing date back to 500 B.C. * And since then millions of cards and letters have been exchanged. I imagine the number of electronic versions have easily surpassed that, but I am guessing that the handwritten notes are more meaningful. As someone with some selective packrat tendencies, one of the last things I will dispose of are the handwritten letters and cards I have received over the decades from family and friends. They bring joy, smiles and memories. When I look at them again and see their handwriting, their choice of paper or pen and of course the sentiment or the story, their voice and personality can still be heard.


Finding time to write a letter can be tough. Whether it is finding more than 5 dedicated minutes to sit down and be thoughtful or deciding what to write is tricky when all our current stories might already be on social media. Our lives are in a different routine with no exciting travel adventures to share. But there are other small stories to relate, from the new buds on the trees, to a new bird species spotted or other plans tied to the changing of the seasons (even with snow in the forecast this week). But with the right accoutrements, the letter writing can be quite meditative. Tea with honey from Harvest Honey is a go-to. And treating yourself to something sweet from Tasha’s Fine Foods, or Delices Sublime or even Sweet Rose Bakery is a nice carrot to motivate you to write the letter or card. Although I couldn’t wait to finish the baklava. So delicious.


April is National Letter Writing Month so I challenge you to find your favourite pen and write a letter or card  (Putter Paperie or Lindenlea Paper for options) to a friend across the country, to a family member overseas or you can write a letter to yourself or even a stranger. The stories of individuals writing to those in long term care homes is heartwarming. Once you start you might surprise yourself with all that is flowing from your pen and you might even write more than one letter!