Ottawa Street Markets moves into community hub on Gaspe Ave

Ottawa Street Markets will move its Online Market hub to 1805 Gaspe Ave. All our outdoor markets will operate during the same hours and at the same locations; with the possible exception of the Beechwood Market.


 A growing business, we found ourselves with more equipment, greater logistics and a bigger team. Our nomadic lifesyle was not going to afford us a smooth trip into the future. We needed a home.


1805 Gaspe presented itself as a community hub in the making. The concept was a perfect fit for our efforts; create a space for a variety of like-minded organizations to provide services, host events and welcome the public. We snapped up the lease on the commercial kitchen, activity rooms and the old portable unit just outside the door.


The commercial kitchen is now under the watchful eye of Chef Resa Solomon-St.Lewis of Baccanalle, taste of the Caribbean lifestyle. Under the Ottawa Street Markets banner, Chef Resa will run Baccanalle out of Gaspe, promote local food and will host themed events onsite.


The rear activity rooms will act as the Online Farmers’ Market operation. Over 40 local vendors will drop their goods each week from their farm, bakery or restaurant. We will assemble them into orders for home delivery and pick up at various locations…including Gaspe itself. The, very cool, garage door will serve as our sixth pick up point.


The portable unit must undergo some compatibility tests, but it is pinned to be transformed into a hydro/aquaponic grow area and learning zone. In relation to that, we are looking at the viability of building a greenhouse on the grounds.


As early tenants, we were also offered the opportunity to play a role in the bigger picture. At the time of our induction, the Manor Park Community Council had already been running programs at the property for some time. With their strength leading the way, we got together to envision a venue for community events, children’s programming and shared garden.


All those efforts remarkable, we must also fund the operation of the building. Therefore, the hunt is in full gear for tenants. Gaspe is equipped with office space, classrooms, two large upper floors, a shared auditorium, outdoor space and a heap of parking.


Although there are a few of us involved in the recruitment, interested parties can email me at


Ottawa in need of some good news, the Hub at Gaspe is due to become a destination for the neighbourhood and beyond.