Health benefits at the Beechwood Market: from the desk of Dr. Derek MJ Turner

As a practicing dentist, researcher and member of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition (CCTN), I’d like to provide Beechwood Market customers with some humble direction. My intention is not to be controversial with my opinions.

Disclaimer: I have no financial or ownership association with Beechwood Market. The views expressed are my own while various claims can be supported with peer reviewed evidence.


Canada is suffering from two epidemics. Covid-19 infections and obesity.

With obesity and overweight conditions, hypertension (high blood pressure) and Type II diabetes are often the consequences. Overweight people and obese people are 4-6 times more likely to suffer hypertension and diabetes with consequential cardiovascular concerns EVEN IF THEY ARE ACTIVE!


The 3 macronutrients in food and drink are protein, fat and carbohydrate.

All three are considered essential to human life, but carbohydrates are not absolutely necessary, although often tasty, if one gets enough protein and fat. Protein exists in virtually all foods except oils and sucrose (which is not a food), so not to worry about getting enough protein unless you are starving.

All foods that contain fat contain all types of fat - monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. (Only lard and coconut oil are fully saturated fat and the exceptions to the rule). Saturated fat has been ridiculously vilified. I avoid fat free foods, because they have had nutritious fat removed.


Don’t count calories, which is time consuming and frustrating if you desire to lose weight. Consider portion size and the quality of everything you eat. Not hard to figure. Fresh, local and prepared at home. Don’t punish yourself if you have a sweet tooth, just choose wisely and limit intake. Sugar in any form should be limited, but again choose wisely and limit its use! All the “ose” stuff and “glucides” in the ingredients are sugar. Read labels please.


I’ve scrolled through the food products offered by the Beechwood Market. Here are some thoughts:


Dairy: Excellent. Biemond Organic Cheese and full fat yoghurt. I mix or eat these with berries and/or seed-nut crackers.


Produce: There is a wonderful seasonal choice at the Beechwood Market of vitamin laden foods including microgreens, mixed greens, cucumber, mushroom varieties, onions, carrots and beets. I use only coconut oil, lard, butter, olive oil and water for cooking. Never processed vegetable oils of any kind.


Honey: Claimed as nature’s antibiotic. . .who’s to argue? Local and delicious from Harvest Honey.


Maple: There is a wonderful choice of local maple product packed with minerals including zinc, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. . .and vitamins including thiamin and riboflavin. Moderate use is recommended because of the sucrose content.


Condiments Sauces and Spreads: Spicy spreads have excellent nutrient value! All nut products have vitamins A, D, E and K available in their fat. (There is no such thing as a bad fat, but I avoid processed unsaturated oils.)


Prepared Foods: Vegan, Keto, Paleo and all eating preferences take note: There are nutritious choices a-plenty. I favour low carbohydrate eating as a personal choice, but I have given myself the freedom to have any non-ketogenic food a couple of days a week and in moderation. There is nothing in the Beechwood Market list that I would not savour. These choices are not similar to super store boxed items.


Meat, especially grass fed, pasture raised and free range, as available at Beechwood are perfect for my ketogenic eating and any healthy lifestyle. Fatty meats taste better than lean meats, I find, and why not consume them? Low fat meats like pork loin are available. Pasture raised animals give back to the earth. I avoid Costco chicken raised in a filthy crowded environment.


Eggs are the perfect protein. Free roam eggs from happy chickens are that much better.


Coffee has been classified as a healthy beverage with vitamin B2 and magnesium. It has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of some cancers and has shown to aid arterial health. Direct trade, single origin coffee from the Beechwood Market is tastier in my view than commercial outlet offerings. (At my risk, including Tim’s, Starbucks and Bridgehead). Learn to drink coffee without a sweetener of any kind for better health.


Some popular weight loss diets limit food types and even sell their own food online. These are never sustainable diets and rarely potentiate weight loss. Instead, you can buy at local markets like the Beechwood Market, eat reasonable portions, vary your food choices from local farmers, avoid boxed processed foods and mass produced food. Then control your sugar and unsaturated oils to be healthier and leaner.


Until another time.

Dr. Derek MJ Turner